Calamari’s Restaurant


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

Calamari’s has on street parking in busy downtown Erie so parking can be a challenge. They do have a small parking area in the back of their location that will give you access to the rear of the building.

Front Door Access

There is easy access thru the front of Calamari’s and they also offer a ramp on the back.

Interior Maneuverability

Once inside Calamari’s you will find a small dining area to your left that is easily accessible. Getting to the outside Patio can be difficult when they are busy so it is recommended if you’re sitting on the Patio to use the ramp. Calamari’s does have a dining area on the other side of the bar area that is fully accessible should you choose to dine away from the crowd.

Restroom Experience

Both restrooms have a ramp that does have a steep incline that can be difficult to maneuver especially with the doors that swing both ways. Once inside that stalls are not accessible so anyone in a wheelchair will find it difficult to close the stall door. The sinks are higher than normal and soap dispenser are somewhat out of reach. Overall the restrooms are not accessible to anyone in a large manual or electric wheelchair.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

The staff is very friendly and will accommodate