Cornerstone Bar and Grill


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

Cornerstone does offer one accessible parking spot that is clearly marked towards the back of the parking lot.

Front Door Access

Access into the building is easy using the ramp which is located on the main entrance and thru the double sets of doors.

Interior Maneuverability

Once inside the Cornerstone you will find wide isles that make it easy to move around. They offer several tables for seating and booths along one wall.

Restroom Experience

The restrooms are accessible as they are wide enough to accommodate an electric wheelchair but it is difficult to lock the door because the lock is located near the top of the door. The sinks are somewhat elevated and the soap dispenser is located on the back wall. The hand towel dispenser is hung quite high making it difficult for anyone who can not reach high to wash and properly dry their hands.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

The staff is very friendly and do what they can to accommodate your needs.