Nunzi’s Place


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

There are two accessible parking spots located on the side of the building closest to the street that allows easy access to the sidewalk

Front Door Access

There is a sidewalk leading up to the building which allows for easy access to the doors. There is a set of double doors to access both the dining room and bar area. If both doors are closed, access can be difficult for someone in a wheelchair that is alone.

Interior Maneuverability

The dining room area is usually very congested which does not leave for much movement. Usually the staff will try to seat you as close to the door as possible. If this option is not available you may have to wait or the staff will get people to move so you can make it to your seat. The bar area is not as crowded and offers more seating options.

Restroom Experience

The individual restroom is large enough so it’s accessible to everyone but be advised of the following things. The lock on the door is located near the top of the door so anyone that can not reach that high will not be able to lock the door. Also, the paper towel dispenser is positioned up high making it difficult to reach and the sink is slightly elevated making it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to wash their hands.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Overall the staff is friendly and they do a great job in trying to seat individuals with disabilities especially those in wheelchairs.