Smuggler’s Wharf


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

There are a couple accessible parking spots in front of the building

Front Door Access

There are a couple steps in the front of this location. For those that can’t navigate steps, there is a ramp to the left side of the main entrance.

Interior Maneuverability

The main door to the Wharf is very small and someone in a larger wheelchair might have a difficult time getting thru. Once inside there is room for movement but be advised that half the location is a bar and the other half is the dining area which when busy can lead to minimal maneuverability.

Restroom Experience

The restrooms are not ADA compliant and have very small doors

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Overall the staff is very friendly and will accommodate the best they can given the size of the interior. The outdoor patio is more spacious and has more options for those with disabilities .