The Brewerie at Union Station  


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

There is one accessible parking spot next to the main entrance and a few more can be found across the street in a parking lot.

Front Door Access

Access into the building is easy as there are 2 curb cuts leading from both parking spots. The front entrance has a set of double doors that are relatively easy to open.

Interior Maneuverability

Once inside you will find plenty of room to move as you venture the many different rooms they offer.

Restroom Experience

The restrooms are accessible to all but be advised that they have a sliding latch to lock the door so some individuals may have a difficult time locking the stall door. The soap dispensers are located on the back wall and the towel dispenser is pretty high so those that have a difficult time reaching may find this a challenge.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Overall the Staff is very friendly and will do what they can to accommodate your visit.