Warner Theater


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

There are several accessible parking locations located at Erie Insurance Arena on the Southwest Corner of 8th and French. This will be across the street from the rear entrance of the Warner. Other parking options would be the parking ramp on the Northeast corner of 8th and French.

Front Door Access

There is easy access into both entrances of the Warner

Interior Maneuverability

Once inside the Warner the concourses offer plenty of space to maneuver but be advised the rear area of the Warner is not as wide and can be congested when busy.

Restroom Experience

There is an ADA compliant restroom in the rear of the Warner that is accessible by an elevator. They do have another restroom in the main concourse that is not fully ADA compliant to those in wheelchairs.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Overall the staff is very friendly and do what they can to accommodate your needs.