Erie Playhouse


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

The Playhouse is located in downtown Erie so you will have to find on street parking near the facility

Front Door Access

Access into the Playhouse is very easy as it’s thru one set of doors into the concourse and the same into the seating area. The Playhouse also has automatic door opener on the outside doors.

Interior Maneuverability

There is plenty of room to move around in the concourse. Once inside the seating area, they offer accessible seating at the back row which is easily accessible. For those that are not in wheelchairs or can transfer out, you can sit in an isle seat and the staff will take you mobility devise to the back of the Playhouse during the show.

Restroom Experience

The restrooms are individual restrooms that are fully accessible but not A.D.A compliant

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Overall the staff is very friendly and will accommodate all your needs.