Mi Scuzi


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

Mi Scuzi sits in a small neighborhood that has limited parking and no accessible parking sports. They do however offer valet parking on the side of the restaurant. If you know ahead of time your are dining at Mi Scuzi you can call ahead to see if Chef Michael’s private parking spot is available and he will allow you to park there !!

Front Door Access

The access point to Mi Scuzi is on the side with a slight incline sidewalk leading you to the out door patio and doors. There are 2 steps into the building but Chef Michael advises you call ahead so his staff can have their portable wheelchair ramp up and ready upon your arrival. Even if you forget to call, it only takes a few minutes for them to get the ramp in place.

Interior Maneuverability

You will find that once inside you will find plenty of room to maneuver. Chef Michael does advise when making reservations, if you let the staff know you request accessible seating, they will make your visit an enjoyable one.


Restroom Experience

There is only one restroom on the 1st floor, an individual restroom that is ADA compliant. It is currently marked a Women’s restroom but the staff will let anyone with a disability know that it will become a family bath and they will gladly assist (if needed) so Men can utilize the restroom if needed.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

Over all Chef Michael and his staff are extremely friendly and will whatever it takes to make your visit a friendly one by trying to accommodate all your needs. One word of advise is to let them know of your disability when making reservations.