Waldameer Park and Water World


Accessibility Details

Parking Experience

Waldameer has two parking lots and both locations offer accessible parking but only the East parking lot is ADA compliant parking with the proper line markings and signage. If you need the additional room that the stripped area provides, you will not find it on the West parking lot.

Front Door Access

Access into Waldameer Park and Water World is very easy as everything is flat and a smooth transition from the parking lot into the ride area.

Interior Maneuverability

Once inside the park, you will find plenty of room to move around.

Restroom Experience

There are three different locations in the park where you will find restrooms. All three restrooms are accessible but the only restroom that is ADA compliant is the one on the far west end of the park.

Overall Accessibility Friendliness

The staff is very friendly and will do what they can to accommodate your needs.

While most of the rides are accessible to those with disabilities, it should be noted that the only way a person in a wheelchair would be able to transfer into the rides is if you can stand and pivot. Most of the rides are not fully accessible to the point that an individual can easily transfer onto the ride. The staff does require a person be able to utilize all safety devices and restraint, maintain proper riding posture throughout the course of the ride and be able to safely evacuate the ride if needed.

If an individual needs assistance transferring the staff at Waldameer are not allowed to assist.  Guest with a disability may be accompanied by up to three Guests when entering the rides. One or more of the accompanying Guests must be able to assist the Guest with a disability into and out of the ride if help is required.

Waterworld does not have any devices that allow a transition into the water so individuals that can not easily transfer from the mobility device into the water will find it difficult to enjoy the water park.